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VADER:  Ned. & Int. kamp. Showoff Sjors of the Precious Stone          MOEDER: Belle Mirthe of the Border River NVK’11 VW’11

              Belg. kamp. Uv’03 G&G1

showoff sjors of the precious stone                                              bell mirthe of the border river 2

GEBOREN: 7 mei 2004

REUEN: 2 (Aristo-Maxim from Dawi’s Rhapsody*, A Blue Spikey from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 2 (Anna-Belle from Dawi’s Rhapsody*, Adventuress from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

 w1-02     w5-01  w6-01  



VADER: Working Class Hero of Mac Oaks Pride                   MOEDER: Belle Mirthe of the Border River NVK’11 VW’11

working class hero of mac oaks pride                          bell mirthe of the border river 2

GEBOREN: 20 juni 2005

REUEN: 2 ( Blue Binkey from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Blue Bickel from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 1 (Blue Lana from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

     bw3-02    bw5-02    



VADER: Ned. & Int. Kamp. Vaggio Milo of Briddy’s Home     MOEDER: Adventuress from Dawi’s Rhapsody Uv’06

JW’01, W’04, Belg. & Lux. Kamp. G&G1, NVK’11

vaggio milo of briddys home                                  adventuress from dawis rhapsody 1

GEBOREN: 31 augustus 2006

REUEN: 2 ( Clan Reiver from Dawi’s Rhapsody*, Celtic Bobby from Dawi’s Rhapsody*)

TEVEN: 4 (Coconut Jippe from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Caya Catalina from Dawi’s Rhaposdy*, Carly Chaser from Dawi’s Rhapsody*, Cayra Cyara from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

  cw2-01  cw3-01  cw4-01 cw4-02      



VADER: Your Promise of Mac Oaks Pride                       MOEDER: Adventuress from Dawi’s Rhapsody Uv’06

your promise of mac oaks pride                      adventuress from dawis rhapsody 1

GEBOREN: 12 oktober 2007

REUEN: 3 (Dancing Flame from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Djust Dazzle from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Dandy Calle from Dawi’s Rhapsody, DaVinci Blue from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 2 (Dynamic Djoy from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

 Dw1-02   Dw3-01 Dw3-02        


VADER: Int. Kamp. Aramis of Limit Stone Lux. & DE VDH/KfT Kamp.          MOEDER: Adventuress from Dawi’s Rhapsody Uv’06

aramis of limit stone                                                        adventuress from dawis rhapsody 1

GEBOREN: 23 mei 2009

REUEN: 3 (Early Blue Ray from Dawi’s Rhapsody,Ernest Rebel from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Easy Rider from Dawi´s Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 2 (Endless Jazz from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Enya Enyana from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

Ew1-01        Ew5-02 Ew6-01  


VADER: Ned. Kamp. Sir Bedivere of Briddy´s Home                    MOEDER: Ned. Kamp. Cayra Cyara from Dawi’s Rhapsody

                                                                                                         Belg. Kamp. BDJSG’07, RheinlandJSG’07

sir bedivere of briddys home                                              cayra cyara from dawis rhapsody 1

GEBOREN: 8 juni 2009

REUEN: 1 (Future Fame from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 4 (Falcon Jewel , Fairy Tales, Foot Loose , Fine Features from Dawi´s Rhapsody)

  Fw2-01       Fw5-02    Fw7-02


VADER: Ned. & Int. Kamp. British Cooper Ayrton da Silva                      MOEDER: Ned. Kamp. Lent Lily of Briddy´s Home NJK’10 JW’09

            NJK’09, Lux. & DE VDH Kamp., Euro Sieger’11

british cooper ayrtond da silva                                                     lent lily of briddys home 1

GEBOREN: 22 augustus 2010

REUEN: 2 (Gipsy Grip from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Guns ‘N Roses from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

TEVEN: 4 (Glamis Castle from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Gleamer Girl from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Glossy Ginger from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Golden Border from Dawi’s Rhapsody)

  gw1-02   gw3-02    gw5-02    gw7-02



VADER: Earl of Magic Melody DE VDH/KfT Kamp. BSSG’05                       MOEDER: Ned. Kamp. Cayra Cyara from Dawi’s Rhapsody

                                                                                                                      Belg. Kamp. BDJSG’07, RheinlandJSG’07

earl of magic melody                                                         cayra cyara from dawis rhapsody 1

GEBOREN: 3 november 2010

REUEN: 5 (High Spirits from Dawi´s Rhapsody, High Voltage from Dawi’s Rhapsody, Hunter Blue from Dawi’s Rhapsody, High Five from Dawi’s Rhapsody,

            Hero Blue from Dawi’s Rhapsody*)

TEVEN: 2 (Honey Blue from Dawi´s Rhapsody, Healy Blue from Dawi´s Rhapsody)

  hw2-01 hw2-02     hw5-01 hw5-02